Due to deadline issues and other complications created by recent changes to the FAFSA, students will not be required to submit the FAFSA as part of their 2024 BWEF application. No FAFSA results will be included in the review of any BWEF applications; the other components scored will be increased proportionately.


The application process for Big Walnut Education Foundation scholarships is simple and direct.


      1. Complete your application by following one of the links below. If you don’t know which to apply for, watch the video below or review the criteria for each category.
      2. The 2024 deadline for receiving all components of every application is 3pm on March 15, 2024.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Successful applications are fully complete and show any/all details that will help evaluators fully understand your activities and commitments. Incomplete applications may not be considered.


Here are the links to the BWEF scholarship applications:

All categories offer one-year or multi-year awards. Scholarship monies will be mailed directly to your college or university.
*Please note that you may not apply for a Continuing scholarship if you have ever received or are receiving a multi-year scholarship, past or present.



  • We must receive a completed college information form from you prior to BWHS graduation.
BWEF College Information Form 
  • These forms along with photo release forms will be handed out at Awards Night and are also available as Google docs (see link below) or as hardcopy forms and/or a QR code through the Guidance Office.
  • THE DAY OF GRADUATION IS A HARD DEADLINE, as the Guidance Office closes for the summer. If we do not have your form by graduation you will lose access to (and therefore void) any and all scholarship funds.
  • Completed forms may be returned directly to the Guidance Office or emailed to [email protected].
  • Any hardcopy forms mailed USPS with any risk of arriving after BWHS graduation or slid under the door of the Guidance Office with any risk of being received after graduation may not be received. The postmarked date does not apply in this situation. Forms must be in hand on or before the day of BWHS graduation.


Still have questions? This video details each of the scholarships above and can help you decide which to apply for.


If you still have questions after reviewing this page and the video, please contact your Guidance Counselor at 740-965-2243.


Please note that the Big Walnut Education Foundation, Inc. reserves the right to revoke any student’s scholarship funds if the student’s conduct is deemed unethical or illegal. The Foundation’s decision will be final and the student will be notified in writing.