What does the future of our community look like?

Our country? Our world?

Who will lead our village, our state, and our nation?
Who will develop the ideas that can improve our quality of life?
Who will educate and care for our next generations?

Together, we will.


The Big Walnut School District has a working mission—to inspire and guide each student to his or her maximum potential.
Each year, they launch hundreds of skilled and enormously talented graduates into the world. With further support, these young graduates take flight—whether in college, a trade program, the military, or the workplace.
But graduates often struggle with impending debt just as they’re getting started in life.
Or they run out of money when they’re about to finish college.
Sometimes it’s simply a matter of not being able to pay for fees or books, even if their classes are covered.

If BWHS students are going to realize their fullest potential, soar to the greatest heights, and shape the future—

it’s up to us. All of us together.

Together, we can bridge the gap between dreams and future realities.

Together, we can make the difference between what is and what will be.

Together, we can launch the students who will become the leaders, caregivers, innovators, and educators who will create a better tomorrow for all of us.

Together, we fly.